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Mechanics Meeting

I went for the 3rd Leaders’ Meeting and soon after we all left, Wil texted to ask how I find the meeting (a typical question he would ask). I told him that honestly, I don’t know if people would still come to church when there is no more sound, no more projection, no more this and no more that. He replied that the content of the meeting was the mechanics of running a church and he meant to say that there are aspects to look after when we run a church – we need to look at people’s needs, etc.

While I do not disagree with that, I told him quite bluntly that these mechanics are quite meaningless to me. And I’ve been thinking about my reply to him which I later find to be quite crude and critical.

There are some reasons why I thought it to be meaningless:

  1. Because they are mechanics? The way something works or happens which I ask myself are we becoming so action-oriented that we miss a bigger picture? Is there room for passivity rather than activity, More meditation, less machination. More reflection, less correction. More contemplation, less administration. More prayers, less airs.
  2. Dealing with mechanics (with humans) is never-ending. The needs of humans are diverse and we can never meet everyone’s at the same time. For e.g. The youth enjoy hanging in the sanctuary and talking to one another. An adult can come and tell you that the youth are too noisy, there are people who come into the sanctuary early and want to pray and seek God THERE. There will be people who request for a corner to be set up to welcome visitors, etc. Makes me wonder what happens when everyone turns up but God is outside the sanctuary.

I told Wil I didn’t want to get involved with mechanics in that same SMS which he didn’t reply me. I don’t want to end up speaking the way the adults do (e.g. if you can’t do something small, how to do big things for God). I think God is looking at the heart not the act. I could be doing the BIGGEST thing for God with the BIGGEST EGO and PRIDE. And I don’t know how big is BIG. HE is a Big God so I don’t know what big thing would He deem big.

I’m there at the meeting because I need to be there, I take it as a learning opportunity to see how adults communicate their ideas to get things done. I see how the ‘MC’ or Pastor address the questions thrown in by people. Basically looking at how things are done and how ‘adults’ communicate with people. Let it be a reminder for me at this point that my eyes should always be on the Cross, and the Cross alone.


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